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Skatinimas„Bonkers-Shop“ akcija.com: išpardavimas iki 70% nuolaida25 rugpjūtis
Kuponas5% kupono kodas Bonkers-Shop.com 27 liepa
Skatinimas„Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com kuponas: papildoma 35% nuolaida pasirinktoms prekėms22 liepa

Everything you should know about Bonkers-Shop.com

„Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com was born in 2010 in Germany with the purpose of providing its customers with the best and most exclusive designs of the best brands in the market such as Adidas, Assid, Babylon LA, Book Works, Boys of Summer, Broze 56k, Carhartt WIP, Carpet Company, DC Shoes, Evisen, GX 1000, Iggy, Independent Trucks, Krooked, New Balance, Converse, Nike, Vans, Hockey, Paradise3, Palace, Stussy, among others.

„Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com has some products available such as shorts, pants, shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, socks, sneakers, lace-up shoes, bags, totes, travel bags or cross-body bags, sunglasses, hats, caps, skateboards and their accessories such as wheels, decks, grip tapes, among others.

Product categories for sale on Bonkers-Shop.com

The brands that Bonkers-Shop.com has available for its customers to search for their products are:

  • Prekiniai ženklai
  • Naujos prekės
  • Apranga
  • Avalynė
  • Aksesuarai
  • raja
  • Senas
  • Blogas

What are the benefits of using Bonkers-Shop.com?

Among the benefits of using Bonkers-Shop.com yra:

  • Available the best brands on the market
  • Išpardavimas galimas kiekvieną dieną
  • Nemokama pristatymo akcija
  • Tarptautinis pristatymas
  • Clothing and accessories available

Where, when and how to find Bonkers-Shop.com pasiūlymai ir nuolaidos

At Bonkers-Shop.com, Bonkers-Shop.com customers can find sales in different ways, one of them is from their social networks or by subscribing to their newsletter, as well as from their sales category, another option is from special dates such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 11-11, Christmas among others.

What offers you can find at Bonkers-Shop.com

Among the offers that Bonkers-Shop.com yra:

  • Discounts on selected products with 50% off applied 
  • 70% discount on T-shirts 
  • 28% discount on selected Nike items

„Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com nuolaidų kodai

Some codes available at Bonkers-Shop.com yra:

  • 15% off sitewide using code XMAS15
  • 5% discount on selected products using the code BONKERSSALE5

„Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com naujo kliento kupono kodas

New Bonkers-Shop.com customers can enjoy all the promotions Bonkers-Shop.com turi.

„Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com nuolaidos kodas esamiems klientams

Existing BONKERS-SHOP.COM customers have the following codes available for use on their purchases:

  • code XMAS15, 15% discount on the entire site. 
  • code BONKERSSALE5, 5% discount on selected products

„Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com Juodojo penktadienio kuponai ir reklaminiai pasiūlymai

On Black Friday Bonkers-Shop.com offers its customers a variety of discounts applied to some of its products which can be as low as 40% with additional discounts of 10%.

„Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com Kibernetinio pirmadienio kuponai ir reklaminiai pasiūlymai

For Cyber Monday Bonkers-Shop.com prepares for its customers to enjoy savings when shopping online with its discounts of up to 65% with an additional 5% off coupon.

„Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com kuponai ir reklaminiai pasiūlymai studentams

At Bonkers-Shop.com students can apply all the offers and promotions that Bonkers-Shop.com has available to their purchases.


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Sausis 30 2023

Useful information Bonkers-Shop.com

  • „Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com adresas:

Klappergasse 11, 60594 Frankfurt, Germany.

  • „Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com Klientų aptarnavimas

The customer service available at Bonkers-Shop.com is via the telephone number +4906915246300, or via email at [apsaugotas el. paštu]

  • „Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com Mokėjimo metodai 

„Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com accepts credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or Sofort as payment methods.

  • How the products sold by Bonkers-Shop.com pristatomi

„Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com delivers its products through companies such as Deutsche Post, UPS, DHL, which manage as delivery time between 1 to 5 working days.

  • „Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com Pristatymo kaina 

The cost of delivery of the products purchased in Bonkers-Shop.com may vary depending on the country of delivery, but the same can go from 5 ¤.

  • „Bonkers“ parduotuvė.com Interneto svetainė

Norint patekti į ADIDAS internetinę platformą, tai daroma per šį Interneto svetainė.

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